Influence Of The New Moon

Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity speaks that every particle attracts every other particle with a force that depends on their masses and the distance between them. The moon constantly attracts the earth behaves like a loose garment that can be pulled out from the body to fall back again. It implies that every day, when the moon is directly overhead, the water of the earth flows out towards the moon, and causes high tide. Hence, during the full moon, the attraction is greater than the normal. Dr. Lyall Watson writes in Supernature (London, 1973, p. 49) that, “Every drop of water in the ocean responds to this force, and every living marinal animal and plant is made aware of the rhythm. The lives of those that inhabit the margins of the seas depend entirely on this awareness.”

Sir J.G. Frazer has discussed the influence of the new moon and propounded that it brings fertility and causes growth in agriculture (The Golden Bough, London, 1956, p. 128). Sir Frank Browne writes in his remarks in 1964 that, “The life of the oyster has a marked rhythm that corresponds to the tidal rhythm of the waters. The fascinating thing; however was that the behaviour of all the oysters had altered in exactly the same way, and they were still keeping time with each other. The oysters had adopted a new rhythm and now opened up at the time of tide. This is the first piece of scientific evidence to show that even an organism living away from the ocean tides could be influenced by the coming out of new moon” (Living Organism, London, 1969, p. 12).

The small silver fish, known as Grunion survives on its response to the lunar cycle. Shortly after the new moon from March to August, the Grunion appears on the surface on the shores of California. The Grunion leave their eggs buried in the wet sand undisturbed for two weeks, because the waves of water will not come until new moon. When the spring tide occurs, the larvae have completely developed and they break out of the eggs and swim away through the surf. The ability of the Grunion to reproduce is thus controlled by the new moon.

Land animals are also influenced by the new moon. The May flies may live only for a few hours, during which time they have to find another fly mate and lay their eggs in water. To accomplish this, it is necessary that all the flies emerge together at around the same time. Lake Victoria, the source of Nile river has a successful species of May fly, called Provilla Adusta. These insects use the new moon as a signal for the time to emerge, and thus ensure the survival of their species (The Sea Around Us, London, 1979, p. 15 by Rachel Carson).

The human birth times are closely linked to the lunar cycle. The two doctors collected information on more than half a million birth that occurred in New York hospital between 1948 and 1957. This instance showed a clear report of normal delivery chiefly during the new moon (Lunar Periodicity in Human Reproduction, New York, 1959)

There is a close connection between the new moon and the bleeding in general. The scientists have discovered that the new moon controls the flow of blood in the same way that it controls the tides. Edson Andrew reports that in a survey of over a thousand bleeders, the patients needing unusual means of hemostats (of preventing bleeding) on the operating table. Almost 82% of all the bleeding crisis occurred between the first and the last quarters of the moon. It means that a minimum of crisis (only 18%) occurred in that half of the lunar month centered around the new moon. Dr. Andrew comments, “These data have been so conclusive and convincing to me that I threaten to become a witch-doctor and operate on dark night only, saving the moonlight nights for romance.” When it is moonlight, it is not new moon as during new moon, there is no light (Cycle in your Life, London, 1976 by Dr. Duff)

Leonard Ravitz had discovered a direct physiological link between man and the moon. He found that all people show a cyclic pattern between the head and a chest reading, which is in accordance with the lunar cycle, vide Periodic Changes in Electromagnetic Fields, New York, 1960 by L.V. Ravitz.

It is well known fact that mental patients or lunatics are greatly influenced mentally by the lunar cycle. The full moon is a time of unusually high activity among the mental patients, and the staff working in mental hospitals is not generally permitted to take a day off when it is full moon, because the whole group of staff is required to be able to manage the increased activity amongst the patients. In contrast, the new moon is a time of unusual quiet among mental patients. Activity in normal hospitals is also significantly increased at the time of full moon.

Whatever the time chosen, there are two days in every month and such days are when the sun and moon come into opposition, i.e., the new moon. On such occasions, the spiritual forces are released on earth and the aspirant must take an advantage of them. These forces are grace for those who are meditating, vide The Quest of the Ourself by Paul Brunton.

Briquetting Of Biomass – Create Bio Briquettes From Agriculture Waste

Briquette fuel produced from briquetting of biomass is fairly good substitute for coal, lignite, firewood. Fuel from biomass briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated bio briquettes. Compared to fire wood or loose biomass, bio briquette gives much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density.
* Biomass Briquettes coal is cheaper than usual coal.
* Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced.
* High sulfur content of oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment. There is no sulfur in biomass Briquettes coal.
* Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal).
* There is no fly ash when burning briquettes fuel.
* Briquettes fuel has consistent quality, has high burning efficiency, and is ideally sized for complete combustion.
* Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirements is faster due to higher quantity of volatile matter in briquettes.
* Briquettes are usually produced near the consumption centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances.
The composition of the Briquettes biomass varies by area due to the availability of raw materials. The raw materials are gathered and compressed into briquetting machines in order to burn longer and make transportation of the goods easier. Compared to fossil fuels, the biomass briquettes produce low net total greenhouse gas emissions because the materials used are already a part of the carbon cycle.
Briquettes in India helps processing of the material in pieces of geometrically regular and uniform in each case form, almost same mass. Biomass Briquette manufacturers create additional raw materials of fine materials whose use is inefficient and inconvenient as well as recycled waste.
This can be prevented by using biomass briquettes for electricity generation instead of other energy sources. A renewable resource can be replaced as needed without hurting the planet or the inhabitants. Biomass in India is now used by many companies as it is environment friendly. Briquetting machine price can also be high. The fixed costs with creating those products are high because of the brand-new undeveloped technologies that concentrate on the extraction, production and storage within the fuel.

India Agriculture Jobs & Opportunities

This article hopes to give you the knowledge you need regarding India Agriculture, to feel that you have a firm grasp on the subject.

Agriculture is really a field of live activities and there are numerous opportunities are associated with it. Now the amount of jobs in agricultural field is more. There are numerous classifications are contained in it. It is perfectly in line with the availability of jobs in a variety of ideas.

A number of them are completely predicated on new views and there are numerous ideas are arriving an agricultural job. Gardening is a good example of the and for the reason that complete garden management is going on here. Increasingly more views and cultivation processes are contained in it. International businesses of agricultural some ideas are completely pointing various some ideas about such ideas. Jobs in agricultural ideas are actually increasing the touch with environment and related some ideas.

Cultivation may be the main purpose of all jobs in agricultural. They’re mainly pointing on top end cultivation with new schemes. Excellent application and related inventions are associated with such ideas. Perfect views of some ideas and new medicines will also be using to improve the growth of plants in an entire way. Various ideas are actually using to improve the productivity of plants in an excellent manner.

More international companies find new generation drugs to improve all kinds of growth. By utilizing these medicines production of plants are increasing in an ideal manner. Increasing numbers of people are coming with such ideas and different experts and scientists will also be related with one of these ideas. Experts are actually thinking to locate various some ideas and medicines to improve the whole production of plants. Plant cultivation atmosphere creation is essential.

Jobs agriculture schemes are completely coping with this atmosphere creation also. Here various views of plant growing conditions are arranging. Quantity of water, gases and cultivation agents are utilizing here to improve the growth. New generation concepts of plant some ideas are increasing the amount of all some ideas in an ideal manner.

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International businesses are providing various assistances to any or all these kinds of agricultural inventions and studies. Various researches and studies are increasing the worthiness of this in an excellent manner. Jobs in agricultural some ideas are completely coming now in a variety of job web sites.

Various Government organizations will also be connected with this particular in an excellent manner and many of them are giving good salary and to all peoples. Various private organizations will also be applying such ideas in an ideal manner.

Jobs agriculture schemes are completely coping with this atmosphere creation also. Here various views of plant growing conditions are arranging. Quantity of water, gases and cultivation agents are utilizing here to improve the growth. New generation concepts of plant some ideas are increasing the amount of all some ideas in an ideal manner.

No matter which way you look at it, having a firm understanding of this topic area regarding India Agriculture will benefit you, even if it is just slightly.

Agriculture Business Emerged as One of the Most Demanded Career Option

The economy of India has been agriculture based for ages. With most of the regions being farmlands and the majority of the population living in villages, agriculture is the major source of livelihood. Earlier agriculture products were mainly used as final food products. Only a few food products were used as raw materials as agriculture based industries existed in very less numbers. But gradually with liberalization and urbanization the influence of the western world increased. Food outlets of branded companies and food chain restaurants came up and -fast food’, -instant food’ and -food supplements’ gradually emerged as the most demanded food options. So, Agriculture Business emerged as one of the most demanded career option.

To cater to the ever increasing food industry, well trained management graduates are required to manage all the aspects required for its development and smooth functioning. Fields such as marketing, sales, product management, and customer care are looked after by professionals with innovative ideas and planning. So, top management institute is the latest career option for young minds having the desire to explore the agriculture sector. The management graduates enrolled in these courses is well trained and educated to bring in new agricultural innovations and replace the traditional unproductive practices of this sector. Agriculture Business College in India has thus come up in large numbers to cater to the ever increasing demand for management graduates who would contribute immensely to the growth of the agriculture based industries.

The Management Colleges thus provide the ever expanding agriculture business sector of India with qualified graduates who have the capability to think differently. It is a win-win situation for both the management trainees as well as the industries as the trainees are highly paid for their services and the industries in return earn high profits using the innovative ideas of their employees. In this way both the industries and the management employees are benefited.

So, the contributions of Management Institute in India Business cannot be ignored. Also with the increasing demand for skilled man power many Management Institutes came up in various parts of the country and the competition among them to produce the best graduates increased. The Top Business Management College with the best of faculties and facilities emerged providing the best man power. The graduates produced here are the best who posses new innovative ideas and strategies. The institutes have 100% placement records and are the centers of excellence in the field of management. The doyens of management sector are hired from leading companies who prepare the course curriculum. It is beneficial for both the management institutes and the industries as support provided by the management experts help in updating the course curriculum leading to development of the education imparted. The education provided here develops the hidden talents of the management graduates who after passing out are absorbed by the industries.

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Urban Governance and Infrastructure – Part 11

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