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Strong interest called out the slogan of the Shenzhen market vegetables

More and more people concerned about the safety of vegetables. Yesterday, reporters from the special sales in Shenzhen, “the vegetable” strong interest Vegetable Co., the city learned that: the company’s proximity to vegetable base, for the supermarket to occupy sale terminals, “strong interest” vegetable brand in Shenzhen and Hong Kong market, “applauded was a great success, “opened this week, also in Shenzhen Rainbow Fumin shop. Since May of this year, the company has opened in Shenzhen with four stores.
Vegetables and vegetable quality can be directly traced back to
Yi Qiang Vegetables Co., Ltd. City of vegetables available from the State Administration of Quality Supervision record check of the vegetable base, factory equipped with professional testing room, and a special inspector to conduct inspection of vegetables, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Pipi detection .
Urban Vegetable Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong Yi Qiang Gabriel High Food Co., Ltd. to develop the mainland market, registered in Shenzhen can be traced back vegetables franchisee, is currently Hong Kong’s major supplier of high-end processing of vegetables, domestic fruits and vegetables processing plants have high Dongguan Baili 1, covers an area of 3,000 square meters, covers an area of 5000 square meters factory in Shenzhen cooperation. Major customers include supermarket chains in Hong Kong PARKnSHOP, Wellcome supermarket chain in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Air Catering Lufthansa Food Co., Ltd. and the Hong Kong Maxim’s Group dining restaurant chain. Bailey also is a high-Food Company Limited from outlet store are: establishment of supermarkets and Wellcome supermarkets in PARKnSHOP a total of 86 outlets. Since there is a base for the domestic vegetable Qujing, Ji’an, Liaocheng, Yangshan, Guangdong, Shanxi Yuncheng. Co-operation base located in Fujian, Chongqing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places, truly integrated marketing, formed from the base to the whole process to the retail market, quality and safety traceability system, so the source can be traced back, whereabouts can be tracked to ensure the quality of vegetables safe and reliable.
From farm to fork the whole low-temperature storage
Urban Vegetable Co., Ltd. Yi Qiang’s “strong interest” of vegetables through the cold chain logistics storage and transportation. Vegetables from farm to fork is always kept at low temperature, the effective control of the breeding and spread of harmful micro-organisms to ensure the safety of vegetables. Data, through the cold storage and transportation of vegetables, their consumption of vegetables is small, the community, specialization, standardization of vegetable cold chain storage and transportation, to vegetables, storage, transportation and lower cost, more efficient and easier to detect and monitor .
“Agriculture super-butt” went straight to the supermarket fruit and vegetable field
Fresh fruits and vegetables off the early morning, just 56 hours can be put on the supermarket counter; radish, eggplant, green peppers, tomatoes … … filled with a variety of fresh vegetables counters. In fact, people can put into the food basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to a new basket supply chain??? Agriculture with supermarkets. This year in June, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments in the country launched the “agriculture super-docking” activities in support of major supermarket chains, agricultural products and fresh agricultural products directly to distribution companies producing docking of Farmer Cooperatives, construction, direct procurement of agricultural products base.
According to reports, the past, most agricultural products sold by the farmers, hawkers, hawkers sold to wholesale markets, wholesale markets and then sold to large buyers, and finally into the supermarket and other retail outlets. Farmers over the direct connection of farmland harvest of fresh produce, within a few hours can be put on the supermarket shelves, not only to ensure the fresh agricultural products to enter the public the first time the “food basket” and eliminating the need for many intermediate links, compression costs.
Vegetables Ltd City Yi Qiang people think that agriculture with supermarkets, direct purchase from farmers, costs decreased by 20% at least, this part of the profits can benefit consumers and farmers, supermarket naturally enhanced competitiveness. And many of the links not only the original supply, price instability and supply back to a certain extent the difficulty of direct supply by the farmers now, if there are problems you can always be found in Agrocybe, monitoring of food sources and more stronger.


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