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Agriculture Playing Important Tole In The Life Of People

India is a land of traditions and beliefs. Indian tradition is very much found of scriptures and mythology and also of art & literature, painting & folklore. India is the country where 60% of the wealth comes from farming. Agriculture and farming are the only two aspects which gives the Indian farmers health and wealth. It plays a very vital role in the economy of the country as it is the only practice which the farmers can do as it can be done on large as well as on small scale.

The word agriculture is short but its need is very vast as it plays a great role on different aspects of our lives. It provides the foundation through which people survive through the provision of food to both humans and their animals. Without agriculture, chances of survival would be minimal as both people and livestock would die out of starvation. As a result of this, agriculture has gained interest among many people, ordinary, policymakers and even researchers due to its important contribution to humanity.

Farming is done in three different categories such as Primitive Farming, Intensive Subsistence Farming, and commercial Farming. As the name suggests primitive subsistence farming is done on a small piece of land with the help of the small farming tools such as hoe and digging sticks including the family members as the labours and sometimes the community members play the part of the labours. Intensive Subsistence farming is done on high intensive area and a huge land with the help of the huge labour intense and high doses of biochemical fertilizers with the help of spraying machines and with the advanced agriculture tools and machines for the higher productivity. Commercial Farming uses the higher doses of fertilizers, high yielding variety seeds, pesticides and insecticides for the higher productivity

Agriculture industry is the basic need for many other industries such as food industry, ecosystem, and the main which is economic sector. Any country in the world that wants to be stable must provide its citizens with the food supplements. Through the different agricultural practices that are there, agriculture is the main source through which countries are able to feed their people. Through crop and livestock production, we are able to get food which is rich in nutrients needed by our bodies. As a result of agriculture, people are able to live free from deficiency diseases.The extent of destruction is influenced by the activities going on in a particular ecosystem. As population grows, more land and forests are now being cleared to create space for agricultural activities.