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Whole Body Cleanse – The Antidote for Modern Agriculture and Modern Medicine

You’ve been deceived, you’ve been lied to, and you are being poisoned . . . little by little . . . every day. Between the food-production practices of big agribusiness and the pill pushing of big pharma and the medical establishment, your body is, right now, most likely full of toxins. But even if you can’t grow your own natural vegetables and fruit and raise your own grass-fed beef and free-range chickens, there is still something you can do. And that is to use the right product for a safe, successful whole body cleanse-one that will replenish depleted nutrients, restore energy, balance hormones, help you lose weight, and promote better sleep.

Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canadian microbiologist, food-production watchdog, and author of Corrupt to the Core, maintains that we are being poisoned every day by the foods we eat. He even goes so far as to say, “Food in America and Canada is the absolute most toxic, unsafe food on the planet.” And the corollary, according to Chopra, because they don’t use all the harmful food-production methods we do, is that “Food imported from third-world countries is safer than food produced here.

The reasons our food is so deleterious are as follows: use of growth hormones, promiscuous use of antibiotics, rendered slaughterhouse waste turned into animal feed, damaging application of many pesticides, and corporate-driven genetically modified organisms (GMOs) driving out natural crops. Every time we eat commercially produced supermarket foods, we are consuming damaging toxins-accumulating poisons making our bodies cry out for a body cleanse.

Moreover, big pharma and the medical establishment are foisting on us, whether intentional or not, the idea that we need to take drugs to treat only the symptoms of our ailments, with no regard for the nutrient-depleting consequences. Statins, for example, the standardly prescribed drug for high cholesterol, rob your body of CoQ10 and co-enzyme Q10, the very nutrients that help protect your heart. The current medical establishment is interested only in lengthening your life-regardless of the quality.

So what we have is, basically, agribusiness, big pharma, and the medical establishment pumping us full of hormones and chemicals with no concern for the long-term result. In fact, flounder (the fish) DNA has been introduced to a certain strain of tomatoes to make them firmer. And this is completely contrary to the workings of nature. The vegetable might look good on the outside, and your body might appear healthy from the outside, but what’s really going on on the inside?

So what can you do? What you need to counteract the effects of toxic food and medications is a quality whole body cleanse.

But keep in mind that not all body cleansers are the same. The 21 Day Body Makeover is designed specifically to counteract the effects of toxic foods, by flushing the toxins from your system, and to replenish depleted nutrients while restoring balance to you natural systems. And here are the additional benefits:

No more cravings for junk food, soda, and caffeine

Enhanced fat loss

Improved energy levels

Balanced hormonal levels

Better sleep

Improved mood and sense of well being

While it is true that your body can heal itself, with our modern diet and modern medications, your body needs a little help. And the unique whole body cleanse offered by The 21 Day Body Makeover is just what your body needs today.

A program to take care of your entire body which includes body cleanse in fact, full body cleanse and removing toxins. Whole body cleanse will be assured. Visit us to know more.