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Agriculture marketing is the word which is being used in the world of trading. When the goods are transferred from producer to consumer is termed as agriculture marketing. Most of things are connected to each other in agri marketing like production, growing, harvesting , packing, transport, storage, distribution, advertising etc. Market should provide profit to all whether its a customer or producer. It must be customer oriented. In olden days their were different techniques has been applied to transfer product but today in modern marketing different procedures applies to transfer the agri product from producer to customer. Agri products contain everything Seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil etc. In the development of rural areas, income generation, linkage market plays an important role. These connect social and economic needs.
In the olden days it was very difficult to know the status or rates of the products but in the modern world new technologies are developed through which one can get each and every information related to the market and can be up to date. SMS on cell phone and FM radio facility provides best service to the customer as well as producer. Internet is the another way to get the information. The changes occure can be seen easily. Agriculture commodities are of two types hard and soft. Corn, wheat, soyabean, sugar all are soft commodity. Hard commodity are mined from the ground. One fifth of total GDP contain by agriculture commodities.
Agriculture marketing has two objectives :
1. Sale of surplus commodity
2. Buy other commodity to satisfy needs.
Basically market is divided into three parts :
1.Wholesale market
2. Retail market
3. Fairs
Marketing channel is used through which products are transfer from producer to consumer. Marketing channel consist of storage, handling, transporting, packaging and retailing. In India agriculture is the largest source of employment.
Spot trading is the another term used in market in which delivery takes place on the spot or immediately. Future marketing also done in agriculture products in which the product is being buy or sell in the future trading. The National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd and the National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. All three have electronic trading and settlement systems and a national presence. Trading in commodity is much more easier then Stocks because their margin is very low. Brokrage is ranges from 0.05% to 0.12% only.
Commodities are generally considered as more stable and consistant in investing but it also have some risk. Agriculture product are transferred from the producer to the consumer in many different ways. Some acts are also applied over the agriculture trading. On average, every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, around $6 million in U.S. agricultural products–grains, oilseeds, cotton, meats, vegetables, snack foods, etc., will be consigned for shipment for export to foreign markets.

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Protect The Agriculture State Idaho From The Bad Effects Of Pollution Through Dumpster Rental

The contribution of agriculture towards GDP of the country is one percent but it still occupies place among the major sectors of the economy of the US. Idaho is the agriculture state and it is affected by the pollution generated from the industries. The waste that is transmitted from the industries is piped into streams and lakes and is contaminating water and affecting the agriculture sector in the state.

Idaho is an agriculture state and is a producer of nearly one third of potatoes grown in the US. The recent growth of industrialization is affecting the agriculture sector of the state. The agriculture land of the state is supplied water contaminated with the waste emitted from industries, the agricultural land is producing less than what it actually can.

The agriculture sector the main source of economy of the state can no longer yield the expected results if the same situation continues to exist. The waste generated by these industries is disturbing environmental balance of Idaho which is very important for proper growth of the crop. Immediate action should be taken to protect the environment from pollutants that are emitted from the industries and other projects that are carried in the state.

Government of Idaho has taken many steps in this regards. They focused at Ground Water Quality Protection, Surface Water Quality and BMP Evaluation, Idaho State Pesticide Management Plan, Smoke Management & Crop Residue Disposal. They run a special month namely Pollution Prevention month which encourages business organizations, communities, individuals, and schools to join in one of the activity that protects the environment of Idaho from the bad effects of pollution. some of these activates include Prevention, elimination, or minimizes the production of waste or pollutants at its source, Use non-toxic or less-toxic products, Conserves energy or water, Re-uses materials rather than throwing them away.

Number of industries participated in the activity and the state experienced significant reduction in the impact of pollution in that particular month. The importance of practicing these activities should be enlightened in the society. The residents of state should take initiative to participate in such activities but restricting these kinds of practices to a single month would yield no great results, it should be an ongoing process.

Environmental protection of the state is facing a great problem at this juncture. In spite of great benefits of these activities only few business organizations, individuals; industries come forward to share their responsibility in environmental protection. Most of them step back fearing that it is tough process. Not everybody in the state will be ready to sacrifice their comforts for the sake of protecting the environment.

Not a worry, a wonderful option is at your door step now; you can now put all these aspects into action without sacrificing any of your comforts. How? Dumpster rental Idaho is the one stop solution for all the problems. Minimization of waste production is always advisable. But it sometimes becomes inevitable, when you rent a dumpster in Idaho, the trash will be recycled in environmental friendly manner and the impact of trash generated will be less. Dumpster rental Idaho will recycle all the eligible trash and transfer the rest to the landfill so there is no chance for the dump to get disposed in the streams and lakes. Dumpster rental Idaho will help you to maintain the environmental balance and protect the water of state from being polluted there by helping in increase of agriculture production of the state.