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Geographic Tongue During Pregnancy Or Nursing

Pregnancy is a time of high nutritional need, after all you are “eating for two” now. Not that you need twice the calories but you do need twice the nutrition to build healthy bones and bodies. But in today’s world it is difficult to get the proper nutrition for one let alone enough for two.

I’m convinced that there is a very good reason why so many pregnant women are having tongue problems . You see, research reveals that 80 to 90% of pregnant women are deficient in one or more critical nutrients. As their body’s demand for nutrients increases they just aren’t getting them.


Today’s chemically grown foods just don’t have the nutrients they used to. At the same time the incidence of Geographic Tongue is increasing.

Did you know?
A Recent USDA study showed that only 4% of Americans are getting the minimum recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of their essential vitamins? Another US Government survey found that out of 21,000 people surveyed, NOT ONE of them managed to eat the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of the ten basic nutrients studied. (It’s hard to believe not one out of 21,000, so what are the odds that you are getting what you need?) On any given day, 91% of Americans don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Because of Modern Agriculture the food you eat doesn’t have the nutritional value your grandparents got from eating the same food. (For instance, incredible as it seems… today you would have to eat 60 servings of spinach to get the same amount of iron as in one serving of spinach in 1948!) 65% of Americans don’t get the minimum daily requirement of Zinc! And Zinc is essential for your immune system

Everyone’s body needs the right nutrients to counteract the damage being inflicted on their bodies every day. But pregnant women are especially vulnerable because the demand for nutrients is so much higher. So if you are pregnant and experiencing Geographic Tongue your body is trying to tell you something. For your health and the health of your baby you need to get the proper nutrition right away!

Obviously, pregnancy is a strain on your body requiring extra nutrients. But, if you nurse your baby (which you should if at all possible) you have extended the time your body needs that extra nutrition. Plus waking up every couple of hours to care for the baby doesn’t help you recuperate from all that stress and strain either and you certainly don’t need the added stress of worrying about Geographic Tongue.

Fortunately, our bodies were designed to know this and have almost super healing powers during this time all they need are the proper building blocks to do it. So there is hope if you have Geographic Tongue and are pregnant or nursing. Get the proper nutrition and it will make a big difference not only for you but for your baby.

If you are pregnant or nursing and have developed geographic tongue and would like more information on Geographic Tongue during pregnancy, check out the additional resources on