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Jobs and Opportunities in Agriculture – A Lucrative Career Option

There is no such word as best jobs or best field, every field is a lucrative field if you have the passion for the subject. If you do what you love to, you are definitely going to excel in whatever you do irrespective of the field you are in, irrespective of the fact that it is in boom or not. Hence, when it comes to the agriculture sector, the same applies to it too. If you have a liking for agriculture, then do get into it. There are a variety of job profiles in agriculture and you can choose one according to your area of interest. Yes, agriculture does offer various jobs depending upon your qualification and expertise you are paid for it. Agric Extension – This profile includes training the farmers about the new farming techniques and creating awareness about the latest farming equipments and their utility. This person has to act like a catalyst between the agricultural research institutions and the farmers. Forestry – The designations include that of forest officer, etc and this profile includes taking care of the forest including the flora as well as fauna. The profile requires living inside the forests and ensuring that no illegal activities like cutting trees and killing animals or any other is carried out. Aqua culture of Fish farming – If you love to go fishing down the river or lake, then this is one job profile you would love to have. This profile includes rearing fish, ducks and other aquatic life, their production, selling them, etc. Soil Science – As the name goes this job profile includes the study of the type of soil, the quality of soil and the kind of crop or plant would be suitable for the soil. An interesting job profile if you have interest in soil mechanics. Horticulture – This one is high paying job profile if done well. This one includes the cultivating, maintaining, growing plants that are edible as well as ornamental. Agricultural Engineering – Another high paying career, this job profile involves development of alternate energy to meet the needs of agriculture. This is an interesting career option if you have a knack for engineering and agriculture. Agribusiness – Agribusiness includes the cultivation, processing and selling of agricultural products. This stream is a vast stream and includes agricultural management, marketing as well as price analysis. Agri business can be managed without a degree in the field but a degree in the field is always very beneficial. In a nutshell, there are many opportunities in the agricultural sector and the aforementioned are just a few of them. So, if you have a flair for agriculture you can choose the job profile which suits your interests and you will excel automatically in it.

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