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Effective Microorganism – The Power Of Magnetic Wave Resonance

There are some really unique healing solutions that I discuss in my book that have beneficial healing applications in multiple areas.
Effective Microorganismsare one of the most amazing solutions that cross the areas of human health, animal health, agriculture, environmental remediation, and aquaculture, to name a few of its applications. Here is a chapter from my book that highlights the amazing potential of Effective Microorganisms.
My discovery of EM was another accident. I was looking for a few quotes from Masaru Emoto in his book, The Secret Life of Water, when I stumbled upon references to Hado and Hado Medicine. As I read further I realized that he was referring to the basic premise of this book that everything has a vibration, frequency, and resonance. His term for using energy is Hado. This concept has a different name everywhere in the world, but refers to the same thing, which is the conscious use of life energy. This is yet another data point in my growing collection of data points that supports the discoveries that I made in natural healing and how the energy of things plays into all of them.
EM is part of Dr. Emoto’s set of Hado examples in The Secret Life of Water. He discusses at length the incredible results that were being seen around the world as part of Dr. Teru Higa’s work in using EM in environmental cleanup, agriculture, construction and other applications. Since I’m on a crusade to find cool healing things, I immediately did a web search on Dr. Higa and EM to learn more. What I discovered amazed me and motivated me to get involved in using EM and distributing the products.
EM Technology is the use of antioxidants, enzymes, and other bio-available compounds derived from fermentation of a specific culture of microorganisms to exert beneficial effects on the surrounding environment. The technology was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa, a professor of horticulture at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. EM Technology is used in making several patented products ranging from various water treatment devices to jewelry, textiles, plastics, and building materials.” EM1 Microbial Inoculant is a liquid containing many co-existing microorganisms. The major groups of microorganisms in EM1 Microbial Inoculant are lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and phototropic bacteria. EM was first developed in 1982 as an alternative to synthetic chemicals in the field of agriculture. Through extensive research and experiments over time, EM became recognized as effective in various fields, including environmental remediation, recycling organic wastes, reducing odor in livestock operations, treating wastewater, and many more.
A significant body of research recorded at the EM Research Organization in Japan supports all of the incredible applications and use cases that are attributed to EM Technology. Time does not permit me to delve deeply into them here as this will be include in-depth in my book where I will have had at least one year of personal experience and research to validate what I already intuitively believe to be true about EM Technology.
My understanding of EM is as follows- the microbes in EM1 Microbial Inoculant are probiotics for the Earth. Like the beneficial probiotics that I take to keep bad bacteria in check in my digestive system, the EM1 Microbial Inoculant does the same thing, only on a much broader scale. In Dr. Higa’s book, Our Future Reborn, he explains how we have forces of syntropy (positive energy, life-giving) effects and entropy (negative energy, destructive) effects on nature and our world. In the invisible world of microorganisms Dr. Higa observed that 10% are good, beneficial to life and 10% are bad, destructive to life, the other 80% are uncommitted. Like spectators in the human race, the uncommitted are watching the action from the sidelines and will jump in on the side of the winning team once they can determine who has the momentum and the will to win.
So to take my metaphor further, EM is the champ in every encounter. It has a knock out punch that the bad bacteria can’t handle. It has what Dr. Higa calls magnetic wave resonance. This is an incredible syntropic healing energy. I call it Ki on steroids.
It defies all common sense and scientific logic. This is one of the reasons I like EM Technology, because like many of the things I embrace, there is no science to completely explain it. Just boatloads of research and documented evidence on its successful application in solving many of the world’s pressing problems.
EM will confound right brain thinkers, scientists, and engineers because it’s efficacy and application defies our collective experience. It delights left brain thinkers like me. It sounds too good to be true. You can’t see magnetic wave resonance, just the results that it delivers. It confounds all the modern thinking and scientific logic. I love it! The people who think what I have written in this book is a bunch of hooey will really dislike EM, because they can’t comprehend it, will want to dismiss it, and then will have to accept it in the face of a large library of evidence that it really works. The proof is in real tangible results. EM absorbs energy. It appears to absorb free form energy from an external source. This mechanism is similar to when plants use carbon dioxide and solar energy to synthesize substances, resulting in powerful energy. In the case of EM, this mechanism is thought to involve a strong antioxidizing function simultaneously combined with the wave effect that absorbs energy from an unidentified source. There are many types of wave motion, but EM wave motion is believed to have ultra high frequency, ultra low energy magnetic wave resonance qualities that defy common sense. Although further study is required, EM’s effects on dioxin and radiation, natural healing powers and energy-conservation properties cannot be explained without this peculiar magnetic wave resonance.
So this citation makes everything crystal clear to you, doesn’t it?
Success stories abound in Dr. Higa’s wonderful book, Our Future Reborn. It is required reading. One of the most incredible stories was the restoration of the Seto Inland Sea with EM. This massive cleanup project started with the formation of a taskforce to educate the public and to gain acceptance and usage of EM-based products for sewage disposal, dioxin pollution remediation, soil remediation, and direct infusions of EM into estuaries and the Seto Inland Sea which was extremely polluted. The fish, shellfish, and seaweed populations were minuscule due to residential, agricultural, and industrial pollution. EM was introduced into all of these sectors for the treatment of wastes. They also set up a massive fermentation system to produce EM1 Microbial Inoculant in quantities to support wide use and to dump directly into the polluted sea.
In just five years the nearly lifeless Seto Inland Sea was teaming with schools of fish. The shellfish populations were at pre-industrial pollution levels. Octopus returned, and the seaweed beds were producing clean, fresh, edible product once again. I have never heard of this large-scale pollution remediation success before. I find it almost unbelievable but it is all documented.